Celebration Experiences


Confetti Celebration:

The perfect way to introduce the bride and groom as Mr. & Mrs. for the first time in public by having confetti raining down upon them or if you prefer, as a send off to the honeymoon. This is also wonderful to have for surprise parties for your guest of honor, a young lady turning Sweet 16 or many other events. 


Magical Bubble Experience:

As your guests are sending you off on that most special of days, you can have the ultimate bubble experience with a little help from us. This can also be done for first dances, or welcoming of the guest of honor as well.   


The Heavenly First Dance Experience:

Whether it’s your first dance as a couple, or a daughter’s dance with her father at her Sweet 16, The Heavenly First Dance Experience will make you feel like you are dancing in heaven with our dry ice effects and don't forget, we can illuminate the cloud to match your decor. This is also great for Holiday Parties for the “Winter Wonderland” theme or “Scary Graveyard” for Halloween. 


Winter Wonderland Experience:

The perfect addition to every holiday party. You can have it snow as your guests are arriving to your holiday party. What a better way to put people in the holiday mood than by setting the tone with snow. This combined with dry ice effects really increases your “Wow” factor!!   


The Blacklight Experience:

Have the Ultimate Blacklight Experience; complete with glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, and blacklights to completely illuminate your celebration via glow-in-the-dark. Tell your guests to wear white and they will glow too. We will even bring florescent colored markers for everyone to write on each other and that will glow too!!   

Body Painting or Face Painting:

At A Shining Star Production, we like to work with the best in the business, and we have on staff a professional face painter who does the absolute most amazing creations you have ever seen.  Yes, this is available as an add-on for the Black Light Experience.  


The Balloon Bonanza:

From decorations, arches, centerpieces, or balloon drops at the most perfect time, the balloon bonanza is sure to get kids of all ages into the party frame of mind! If you’re going to have a party you have to have balloons right?! Did we mention? We have a professional balloon artist on staff who can do balloon animals too. 


The Hollywood Experience:

Roll out the red carpet, bring in the “paparazzi” and we will set the Hollywood mood. Complete with search lights, strobing effects and slideshows, your guests will feel like stars!! Put your name or logo in lights with our custom monogram logos. (Monogram logos are an additional fee) 


Shadow Dancing Experience:

The silhouette look dancing in our sizzling light show behind a white backdrop with color changing LED’s to illuminate around you gives  you that extra special something.   

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